Sunday School Classes

Sunday School Sidebar 1Every week at 9:30, there are opportunities to study the Bible in a small group setting for all ages. We would like to invite you to come and study with us. Currently, we have 5 different classes that meet. As our church continues to grow, so will the amount of groups we offer during the Sunday School hour.

NURSERY - 0 to 3
Enjoy each service knowing that your young bundle of joy is being tenderly cared for in our nursery. You will be greeted by our friendly, nursery staff. We are very excited about our new nursery that is under construction. That project should be finished very soon, and that will give your child an up-to-date enviroment to enjoy. 

Children - 4 to 6
Every age is unique in the way they learn, so we are trying to create an enviroment where even the young children can learn and grow, and begin to understand who God is. Many think this age group is challenging to work with, but Lindale enjoys the challenge and the opportunity to invest in the lives of the children.

Children - 7 to 11
We are passionate about children! Our desire is to assist parents by helping instill character and presenting Biblical truths to your children, in an exciting way! Many of the truths we remember about the Bible as adults were the things we learded at this age in Sunday School.

Teens - 12 to 18
Lindale youth exists to boldly pursue all youth, wherever they are in their faith journey, to cultivate disciples, and to equip them to impact the world through Christ. Youth will experience Bible study and fellowship on Sunday mornings as they explore Biblical truths along with practical application through a creative and systematic approach to Bible study.

Singles - 19 and up 
This class is designed to help single adults find their place in life and ministry. In our world today, there are so many challenges, so many pressures, and so many opportunities to get sidetracked spiritually. The singles class is a great way to stay connected with God and Christian friends.

Adult Bible Class
Discover what the Bible has to say about life in an engaging and relevant way. We “live by the faith of the Son of God,” who loves us, and gave himself for us. (Galations 2:20)

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