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In Psalm 126 the Bible says, “He that goeth forth and weepeth…” Today more than ever before we need to pray for brokenness. There is no brokeness for the lost among God's people today. Have you wept over the lost lately? If we believe there is a litteral hell, and those that are lost go there if they die without Christ it should drive us to tears. If you don’t have tears you need to beg God for brokenness. If you ask God He is able to give you tears. I want to give you 3 quick thoughts about weeping .

1. Weepers are bearers. When you weep for people who need Christ you will make sure they get the gospel. You will bear precious seed.

2. Weepers are reapers. When you take the gospel to people eventually someone will come to know Christ as their Savior. You will reap from sowing the seed of the gospel.

3. Weepers are rejoicers. The greatest thing in the whole world is seeing people come to Christ. Those who weep for the lost will take the gospel to them, reap a harvest, and have the opportunity to rejoice over seeing others come to Christ.

Many will never rejoice because they never asked God for brokenness and never took time to weep. Are we weeping for the lost? Do we pray more for ourselves than we do the lost? Lets pray for brokenness.

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