Go and Do (blog post)

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Go and Do!

Here are some thoughts from a book I am reading about reaching your community through serving them instead of trying to entice them into your church through various activities and programs. A come-and-see church prioritizes its resources (time, energy, money, etc.) toward the building, attendance and membership. Often people in come-and-see churches vie for named positions of esteem. It is a beauty pageant to acquire positions, they may even lobby others, similar to what happens in a political campaign. When this happens, leaders spend time on issues relating to members, not outsiders.

In contrast…The go-and-do church empowers volunteers to serve not-yet-converted people. They are churches that focus on discipleship and training not how large the crowd is. The objective of a go-and-do church mentality is to make sure that a lot of money is spent on those who cannot pay you back both locally and globally. The go-and-do church powerfully expresses the missional heart of God for the world. Both God and people are looking for go-and-do churches to join themselves to. These are exciting churches where the Spirit of God is continually on the move.

Ask God to help you find a church where they are going and obeying the Great Commission. We need members and churches to focus on outreach locally and globally rather than creating soap opera drama inside the church, where the attention goes from one drama queen to the next.